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Greeting Cards...

The League of Gentlemen Greeting Cards

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All £3.99 delivered to any UK Address!

Edward and Tubbs
Are you Local?
If God had meant us to walk everywhere he wouldn't have given us little chefs
Mickey Michaels
Papa Lazarou
I think I like Ya!
Hello Dave!
Hilary Briss
Good Morning Job Seekers
Mr. Chinnery
Geoff Tipps
You know I've got this Gun Don't you?

Or Buy any 4 for £15

Tell us which 4 in the notes section on Paypal

All of these cards are hand made and can be personalised for your own purpose! Example: Birthday card? Buy the Edward and Tubbs card and ask for the quote 'Happy Local Birthday' or just buy one to say 'You're my wife now' to your better half or how about a Pauline card for someone who has just lost their job? Just put it in the notes section on Paypal!

Please allow approx 7-10 days for delivery!

Price includes delivery!

Updated: Locally...

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