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Marks Signing Dates for Vesuvius Club

Thanks to Nigel Stoneman from Simon & Schuster for these:


TEL: 01603 625557
LOCATION: 10-12 St Benedict's Street, Norwich




TEL: 01865 203901



TEL: 01908 395384


TEL: 0141 353 1500


TEL: 01325 465666

TEL: 01924 387613


TEL: 01295 270498

Local Competition

There is a competition to go to a screening of the new film here also there are exclusive pics of the Filming taken by Jeremy here.

Review of Vesuvius Club Audio

The trouble with audio adaptations of books that you love is that they are abridged in order to get the book down to a two-CD car-friendly box set, and thus you find that your favourite parts of the book are often removed. However, in this BBC adaptation of Mark Gatiss' novel, they've been rather clever - firstly in allowing Mark to abridge the book himself (and rewrite it where necessary) and also to get Mark to read his own words. The obvious benefit, aside from "doing the voices", is that Mark has a passion for his own work - almost acting the story out for his listeners. Admittedly, some of the accents are rather dodgy (where on earth is Tom Bowler supposed to be from?) and the female characters sound rather masculine (Bella Pok reminding me of Matt Lucas' Latymer Crowe character) but the voice of Lucifer himself is perfect - Mark's best radio four voice with an added edge of winsome camp - just how I imagined Lucifer would sound.

The abridged story does race over, and sometimes miss out, some of the action - for example, the wonderful chases, through the cemetery in London and the underground sewer in Naples are both gone from this version. But the spirit of the book remains, and Charlie Jackpot is still as charming and impudent as ever. If Mark's plan was an Edwardian pastiche of James Bond then this comes across rather better in audio, through the idiosyncratic pronunciation ("weskit" for "waistcoat") and various humorous foreign accents used.

I would recommend that you definitely read the book first. But if you're a fan of audio, then you can't do much better than drive along on a bright winter's afternoon with this version on your stereo.

Tara Alexander

Official Press Release for the Film

THE LEAGUE OF GENTLEMEN - Royston Vasey (Working Title)

London: October 4th 2004 - Principal photography has begun on the feature
film The League of Gentlemen - Royston Vasey (Working Title), it was
announced today. Directed by Steve Bendelack, (League of Gentlemen, Little
Britain), The League of Gentlemen - Royston Vasey, is a feature film from
the team that brought you the multi-award winning comedy TV series The
League of Gentlemen, created by and starring Mark Gatiss, Steve Pemberton,
Reece Shearsmith and Jeremy Dyson. Shooting commenced on Monday October 4th
2004 and is taking place on location in Dublin and in London.

The fictional world of Royston Vasey is facing apocalypse and the only way
to avert disaster is for our nightmarish cast of characters to find a way
into the real world and confront their creators. From present day Soho to
the fictional film world of 17th Century Britain, the residents must
overcome countless bizarre obstacles in their bid to return Royston Vasey to
safety. In addition to featuring the most beloved characters from the
original The League of Gentlemen TV series, this darkly hilarious movie
adventure will also bring to the screen a whole host of new characters and
cameo performances from numerous famous faces.

The League of Gentlemen - Royston Vasey is a Universal Studios and Film Four
presentation of a Tiger Aspect Pictures production in association with
Hell's Kitchen International. The League of Gentlemen - Royston Vasey is
directed by Steve Bendelack and produced by Greg Brenman and Ed Guiney.
Executive Producers are Peter Bennett-Jones, Andrew Lowe and The League of

There are a few types of Web Site, some will bring you every single spotting of a Gent or Gent article or pictures of them doing their shopping, if you want that then I can point you in the right direction but this web site will only ever publish the stuff that really matters, the real news!


Confirmation of Film Name!

According to these photo's the Film is to be called Royston Vasey...which is good news for our sister site http://www.roystonvasey.co.uk!

Read the full article here http://www.showbizireland.com/news/october04/03-gentlemen01.shtml but the pics are below!


Newsflash! - Steve Bendelack confirmed to direct League of Gentlemen Film!

Other cast members confirmed include Welsh actor Michael Sheen, Bruno Langley who plays Todd Grimshaw in Coronation Street and Manchester born actor David Warner who says of his role...

"I'm going to be in The League Of Gentlemen film," laughs the Manchester-born actor.

"They wrote a part especially for me, which is very flattering. A few years ago they invited me to be in their TV Christmas special but I couldn't do it as I was living and working in America at the time.

"However, I became friends with them and now they have invited me to be in their film.

"Because I had been living in America, I hadn't seen the show when it was on TV, so when I watched some tapes I couldn't understand what was going on!

"They are really very clever and they are very good actors. It is a strange show, but I really like it and now I've seen all the tapes I am a huge fan.

"It is a real change for me too; it gives me a chance to be a bit stupid! I like to do comedy but rarely get asked to do it so to have the opportunity to do something like The League Of Gentlemen and hopefully make people laugh is great.

"They haven't got me dressing up as a woman as yet but you never know!"

David Warner has been in the acting business for more than 40 years with a varied career starring in Hollywood blockbusters like Titanic and The Omen and TV classic dramas like The Choir and Twin Peaks.


Taken from Empire...

League Of Gentlemen Movie? Extraordinary!

Edward and Tubbs, the snout-faced shopkeepers of Royston Vasey,
aren't overly fond of things — or people — that aren't local.
Particularly protective of the `precious things' on their dusty
shelves, they've been known to burn strangers alive for daring to
enter their store. For them, the bright lights of the city are cause
for abject terror rather than fascination.

So it's a bit surprising that they're finally left Royston behind to
visit London. Shooting began this week in the capital for The League
Of Gentlemen's first big-screen outing, featuring all the bizarre
town's resident creeps, transexual cab drivers and wife-collecting
circus ringleaders.

The cult British comedy is one of the edgiest TV shows around,
constantly pushing the boundaries of acceptable taste. So God only
knows what the team (who have confessed that their favourite movie is
The Wicker Man) have in store for us with their bid for cinema infamy.

Whatever horrors are lined up, prepare for a time-twisting narrative
in which the monstrous characters break through the divide between
their fictional world and the real one in order to save themselves
from destruction. It's also been promised that the dark adventure
will feature a host of cameos from famous faces. Though considering
that the TV show guest-starred Roy Chubby Brown (whose real name is
Royston Vasey, fact fans), don't hold your breath for an appearance
from David Beckham


A Round up of Latest News!

Marks New Book!

Marks new book will be out for Christmas (Nov 1st) called The Vesuvius Club: A Lucifer Box Novel!

I am pleased to announce that not only do I have a review of the book by two of the greatest League fans but also we will be featuring a Chapter from the book sometime soon!

You can order it here!

Visit the Vesuvius Club page Here!

The Pub 'The Masons' as featued in the show is to change hands so keep your eye out on Ebay for the Creme Brulee chalk board!

You can now buy a 'Welcome to Royston Vasey' Road sign, click on the Merchandise button above!

The Film...again...

Papa Lazarou, and Pauline could be returning to
Glossop to shoot their very own feature film.

League of Gentlemen - The Motion Picture will put the strange
folk of Royston Vasey on the silver screen.

Last week the comedy team were in Hadfield to check out
locations for the forthcoming shoot, which was scheduled to
start the end of September.

However, according to a spokeswoman for Tiger Aspect - the
company behind the film - they are having funding difficulties,
which could affect the smooth running of the project.

In addition, they will spend only one day filming in Hadfield and
the rest will take place in other locations.

Goldline taxi boss, Chris Woodward, who has worked as a
location finder on the BBC series, says he is unsure this will

"It's like taking Last of the Summer Wine out of Holmfirth - you
can recreate some scenery to a point but you won't be able to do
everything and you might end up losing something.

"On the other hand it might be a ranting success, we'll have to
wait and see".

On a personal note I have heard that the crew will be there for two weeks (There now I have heard) and are making a mock up of the War Memorial ready for filming in Ireland!

And More...

"Fans of the BBC's gothic sketch show The League of Gentlemen will
surely agree that, considering the series's prominent debts to
classic British horror, a feature version is a tantalising prospect,
writes Donald Clarke
They will be delighted to hear that Royston Vasey: The Movie is due
to begin shooting around Dublin in September. A co-production of
Hells Kitchen and Tiger Aspect Productions, the local film for local
people hopes to build upon the partnership forged between those two
companies during the making of Pete Travis's Omagh.

"All the best-known characters are in the script," promises co-
producer Ed Guiney. "But it involves a major leap forward."


Film in pre production!

The Gents were all spotted in Hadfield on Tuesday (10th) August!Yes, all Four Gents posed for this pictureAll four Gents in Hadfield on the 10th August with a couple of Fans! outside Briss's Butchers! It could be the fabled fourth series of course! Further info as I get it! Thanks to Hayley for the info and pic.


New Web Site

I am pleased to announce that with immediate effect I have been given the task of running www.roystonvasey.co.uk!

Currently there is a copy of this web site there but I do plan to take it in a differant direction over the coming months!

The biggest change for this web site is that you can now register for a free yourname@roystonvasey.co.uk email and you can do it here!

If anyone has any suggestions for the new site please mail them to me@jasonkenny.co.uk



The Latest...

Well, actually there isn't any! Not much anyway! It has been a while since we had some proper news to report on here, there have been a few bits, the gents have been spotted in a few things (Reece on Cbeebies) and so on but no actual news! I have done a few updates on the web site and there will be more soon, see if you can find the film news section!

Ok, strictly for adults only, where does Alvin buy all the bits for the adult fun nights at the Windermere? http://www.funtoysuk.co.uk thats where! By clicking on the link you are confirming that you are 18 or over! This is a real web site, not a joke! It sells condoms, vibrators, lingerie and other adult toys!

Jeremy Dyson presented a script-writing master class in front of students at the University of Bradford in February 2004.Here is a link



I have been meaning to put this up for ages but...remember in the First Episode of 'On the Town' when Benjamin is in Barbara's taxi and she says she gets her dresses from Bang Bangs...well...there is a shop in Chorley Town Centre (Where Steve is from) called Bang Bangs! Strangely enough it is the stockist for the local School uniforms...I only found out because my Girlfriends 5 year old daughter is starting school here soon (I live in Chorley) so when we go in to get the uniform I may just mention it to the owners!


A collection of precious things...

Thanks to Tara for this extra info about Mark's sci-fi project 'Nebulous'. He will be playing the head of an eco troubleshooting team in 2099 which locks horns with arch rival Dr Klench, alias his Doctor Who Unbound co-star, David Warner. This Radio 4 sci-fi sitcom will air from 30th December and is directed by Nicholas Briggs.

From Teletext...

Shameless: Channel 4 is to make a 90-minute Christmas special of it's critically acclaimed drama Shameless. A second eight-part series of the story of dysfunctional family the Gallaghers starring David Threlfall, Anne Marie Duff, Chris Bisson and Steve Pemberton. Filming for the special begins next month.

Blackpool: Cutting it actress Sarah Parish, Cold Feet's John Thomson and David Morrissey head the cast of the new musical drama Blackpool, the BBC has confirmed. It's currently being shot in the resort, for broadcast later this year. Morrissey stars as a businessman whose life changes when a young man dies in one of his arcades. Ripley plays his neglected wife, and Thomson his pal. Also in the cast are Georgia Taylor and The League of Gentlemen's Steve Pemberton.

Issue #3 of cult magazine Naked has an interview with Jeremy and Mark, including photos of them talking. Mark mentions finding a slash story between Dr Chinnery and Ross; they talk about the film and Jeremy says that it's an eclectic story with lots of surprising twists and turns. They also mention that the BBC have optioned a fourth series, although that doesn't mean it'll be written or filmed anytime soon; and Jeremy is writing the BBC's "The Day After Tomorrow" series.

All Star Comedy Show

Reece will be appearing in Episode 2 of The All Star Comedy Show on ITV, Thursday 6th May at 10:00pm.


Want a Precious Thing?

Visit this item on Ebay!


Live Show in 2005!

Wild About Harry (by Phil Pinfold)

With a Golden Rose to his name from the Montreux
Television Festival, a very busy Steve Pemberton
reveals what the future holds for The League of
Gentlemen and the coincidences behind his latest role
as Harry Secombe alongside Geoffrey Rush

The rubber-faced actor, comedian and writer, who was
one of the founding fathers behind anarchical cult hit
The League of Gentlemen, has been filming opposite
David Suchet and David Soul in the latest TV version
of Death On The Nile.He plays an oddball German doctor
with an eye for the ladies.Now just about to start a
new BBC series, Blackpool, he will also appear in the
big-screen version of The Hitchhikers Guide to the
Galaxy, playing Prosser, the foreman of the demolition
gang which arrives to knock down Arthur Dent's
house."The man, in fact, who actually starts the whole
complex adventure rolling," says Steve Pemberton.
But amidst all these fictional charcters, the
36-year-old has also just finished playing the very
real, much loved and much-missed Welsh singer,
comedian, actor, presenter and devoted family man, the
late Sir Harry Secombe for HBO.Work has just been
completed on a TV film called The Life and Death of
Peter Sellers, with Oscar-winner Geoffrey Rush as
Sellers and Charlize Theron as Britt Ekland, one of
the comic's many wives.
"It was a great, great privilege to play Sir Harry,"
says Pemberton, "because he was one of the most
admired men in show business.No, his family weren't
consulted, as far as I know, but I'll be very
intrested to hear what they think.
"the funny thing was that I belivee the part was
orginally offered to JOhnny Vegas but he'd grown a
beard to appear in Sex Lives of the Potato Men and he
refused to shave.So because of his commitment to the
Potato Men, I landed a wonderful role."
He recouts another bizarre coincidence:"When The
League of Gentlemen was entred into the Montreux
Television Festival a few yeras ago-and we walked away
with the Golden Rose, the main prize-the publicist
from the BBC who came with us was none other than
Jenny Secombe, Harry's daughter.She was a marvellous
lady and very very supportive, a lot of fun.I never
dreamed then that I'd be playing her famous dad a few
years later.
"I even get to sing as Sir Harry.It's a scene at a
garden party and Harry and Ray Ellington-the
bandleader of the Goon Show-break into song and
perform DReam a Little Dream of Me.Incredibly, Ray is
played by his actual son, Lance, and he knew the
words.I didn't!He had to teach them to me."
The HBO show is expected to air in the UK in the early
"The funny thing is," says Pemberton, "that I never
really listened to any of the Goon Show tapes before I
got involved, although I am absolutely sure that
we-The League of Gentlemen-are in a line of direct
comedy descent via Monty Python from those iconic
radio shows.
"When I knew that I was going to play Sir Harry, I
listened to just about every tape of the Goons I could
get my hands on.Milligan was an absolutely brilliant
innovator, a comic genius, that's all you can say.But
sadly, because of copyright reasons, we couldn't use
any of the original material in the film.Geoffrey Rush
and I had to come up with something that sounded as if
it was the real McCoy.A flavour of what was created in
the BBC studios and which millions of listeners used
to enjoy.I hope we've done them justice."
He continues:"It's a huge responsibility when you
bring something like HItchhikers Guide or a fragment
of the Goons to the screen because people have such
incredibly strong images in their minds of what their
favorite charcters look like.You have to be fresh and
new but you also have to be loyal to the original and
not betray your fans.We found out about that when we
took League of Gentlemen from Radio 4 to BBC2.The
radio version featured a lot of charcters that we had
invented but we couldn't take them all over to TV-they
just didn't seem to fit somehow.So some were
amalgamated with others, while others were 'lost' and
some new ones popped up."
Pemberton says that although the comedy team were
liberated on radio, they were not as liberated as on
Television.That was mainly because the radio show went
out at 6.30pm in the evening, where they had to be
fairly careful about what they could and couldn't
do.Because the TV version was after the watershed,
they could be a lot blacker-"and we were."
"nevertheless, I have a great fondness for the
original radio series.A guy told me the other day that
we were very nearly the cause of a nasty accidnet.It
seems that when the BBC audio tapes came out, he had
brought the entire set to play in his car-and very
nearly ened up wrapped around a lamp post on his way
home one night because he'd been laughing so much."
Pemberton and his League of Gentlemen mates have also
toured the UK with the show.He admits that they were
amazed at what a huge fan following the League has but
points out that, although it did pretty well in London
and the south of England, it was as they toured
further north that the audiences got warmer and
"And in Scotland," he says, "we were like heroes.
"People are always quoting lines back to me, they love
the wackiness of some of the characters that I
play-like the perverted old schoolmaster Herr Lipp-and
the line 'a local shop for local people' has now even
gone into chatchphrase books.We never reckoned on that
happening, ever."
And there is even better news for League fans-the lads
are going back on the road late in 2005
and there is
also a movie of the show in the offing.The team spent
much of 2003 getting the script together.
"Now," says Pemberton, "it's the agonisingly slow
process of getting the finance together.Anyone who has
ever attempted to make a Brtish film will know what
that is all about and how complex and terrifying it
is.A truly agonising process.You go to see a British
film in the cinema and you have to spend about ten
minutes before the titles come up reading the
corporate names of all the companies who have put
their cash into it.
"Anyway, we hope to have everything in place within
the next few months and we hope that we'll film in
late August nad early autumn.We'll do the
post-production and editing in the winter and we hope
that it will be up on screen in spring next year." Thanks to Claire for the typing!


According to one of the fan sites, an official merchandise site will be up and running soon, more as I know it!


Film News!

League film finally secures financing

Filming on The League Of Gentlemen movie is finally set to begin this
autumn after delays over financing.

But now the team think they are weeks away from having the budget for
their 90-minute comedy, and expect to start work later in the year."

Star Steve Pemberton told Teletext: "Hopefully we'll be filming it in
September and October.

"I think the financial deal will all be sorted out by Easter but I'm
totally confident we'll make it this year."

Pemberton has completed the script with colleages Mark Gatiss, Reece
Shearsmith and Jeremy Dyson in which the residents of Royston Vasey
battle to save their village ­ although Pemberton is reluctant to
reveal any details.

He said: "There is a threat to the very existence of the village, but
that's all I can say." (Also I believe Edward and Tubbs will return to help defend the village! - Jason)

Hopefully this time next year it will be in cinemas. It will be an
amazing achievement because the finance has been the main stumbling

Because the Chancellor recently closed a tax loophole for filmmakers,
chances are that filming won't be local... but take place in the Isle
of Man or Ireland instead.

Pemberton is also playing Harry Secombe in the forthcoming film The
Life And Death Of Peter Sellers ­ a role Johnny Vegas had been up for -
and has a small part in The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy movie.

Is this correct?

The rumour is that the base camp has been booked in Hadfield for late Summer so maybe it will be filmed local after all??


From Bard to Verse starts on BBC3 on Monday at 7:15pm. Mark Gatiss appears in episodes 2, 3, 5 and 8

Sky Advert

Mark and Steve can be heard advertising Sky on Virgin Radio, they play pirates and Mark has a very odd accent!


More news...

The Cicerones will be shown on Channel 4 on Sunday night 14th March 3.40am, directly after The Wicker Man!

For those of you without Digital, Nighty Night is finally coming to BBC2. It starts next Monday 15th of March at 10:00pm.

There was an item on Radio Four's Front Row recently entitled 'Why Doctor Who's Tardis could soon be landing in Royston Vasey'. Mark Gatiss talked about joining the team of writers putting together the new series of Doctor Who. You can listen again here

The League of Gentlemen and Coupling are joining the team working on the new series of Doctor Who. Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffatt will join a select group of writers, led by Russell T. Davies, producing scripts for the 13-part series for BBC One, read more here


Hello! - Lots of News!

Sorry for the lack of updates recently...Just got back from Cyprus and I got engaged at new year...anyway enough about me, onto the news!

I am pleased to say I have a world exclusive...well kinda...A sneak preview of an Interview with Reece by an Australian Magazine called Fiend!

See the Interview here!

Marks Novel, The vesuvius club, has been delayed until November 1st to take advantage of the Christmas market and will be promoted by Actors dressed as the main character 'Lucifer Box' handing out sample chapters at London railway stations

Jeremy Dyson's novel, Still, is now set to be published on November 3rd, also to take advantage of the Christmas market no doubt! Jeremy is also writing the foreword for a new edition of Dostoevsky's The Double which is published the 20th of May.

Mark Gatiss stars in the new film Sex Lives of the Potato Men (rated 18), released this Friday (20th)! Don't miss it!

The first episode of Catterick aired on BBC3 on Sunday, with Reece appearing as a baddie called Tony. I will have a clip up soon!

The upcoming Doctor Who 'The Green Death' disk will feature a new sketch written by and featuring Mark Gatiss as investigative journalist Terry Scanlon. It will be released in May!

Mark did an Interview on the Simon Mayo show...here, thanks to Tara here is a quick overview...

From Simon Mayo/Five live show

1. They start filming the LoG Film late summer. The production is
with Tiger Aspect but they are looking for "several million pounds"
backing. The film is a single narrative but is "High concept"
and "cinematic"

2. Mark refused to deny he was involved in the new series of Doctor
Who. (way hey!). He said he would like to BE Doctor Who (in real

3. Mark's new novel will be released in December, pushed back from
July to spend more time on the cover.

4. In Footballer's Wives, Mark is in Episode 7 and plays an agent
and said he felt like Stephanie Beecham from Dynasty.

5. Mark is "the biggest fan" of Location Location Location. And
Relocation Relocation. ;) And got very excited that they were on the
show too.

6. Mark had a big moan-up (quite rightly!) about the
mispronunciation of his name on the Catterick trailer.

7. Stalker fact - Mark wants to move from Stoke Newington to a more
rural part of London. From an ex-Stoke Newington resident (I lived
there for years) I can agree with him!

8. Sex Lives... is out on Friday and Mark said most of his scenes
are with Julia Davis.

Steve Pemberton is to play Harry Secombe in the made for TV film The Life and Death of Peter Sellers...due to be released in 2004 sometime...IMDB says it is in production.

The Gents will be doing a Live show in New York at some point in the future...more details...League of Gentlemen will be appearing at the Village Gate sometime in March (along with several of the UK's hottest comedians) as part of WestBeth's British comedy festival. The dates are still being finalized but you can check back at our website in the next couple of weeks for details. www.westbethent.com.

Francis Ford Coppolas 'the conversation' has in the opening credits a production designer called Dean Tavoularis, is this just coincidence or is it where the league got the name for the character?


Jeremy clip!

You can listen to an interview with Jeremy at this link...


It is all about his Novel which will be published later this year and whilst on the subject, Mark's Book, The Vesuvius Club will be published in May and this website will be running a competition to win one of ten copies of the book in May so keep visiting!

In other news...the Gents are appearing in a few individual projects as the previous news item mentions...I don't feel it important to update you on exactly which episodes they are appearing in as I am sure you wouldn't watch the shows JUST to catch a 5 second glimpse of a gent...or which Jools Hollands shows they are about to appear on as guests in the audience as this is a League of Gentlemen Web Site not a celebrity spotting web site!


Happy New year!

This years individial projects are as follows...keep your eye out for them!

Nighty Night (Mark)
Shameless (Steve)
Shaun of the Dead (Reece)
Catterick (Reece and Mark)
Britain's Best Sitcom (all 4)
Death on the Nile (Steve)
Footballer's Wives (Mark)
From Bard to Verse (Mark)
Churchill - The Hollywood Years (Steve)
Sex Lives of the Potato Men (Mark)

Plus Mark's book and Jeremy's novel hopefully!

For those of you in London on the 10th...

There will be a log locations tour in london on Saturday 10th Jan, and if people want to email Gailon gailmail77@yahoo.co.uk she will send them details and times!



Terry and Gabby appearance!

Mark Gatiss (and maybe Reese, Jeremy Dyson) are on Terry and Gaby on Wednesday 17th December. The show goes out LIVE from London’s County Hall from 11am – midday, audience arrive at 10am. Tickets are free and are available by ringing Daniel Nettleton on 020 7843 9512 or terryandgabyaudience@umtv.tv


The Leeds Signing!

Courtesy of contributing editor Tara!

First - the Gents are in "Word" Magazine - the one
with Paul Mcartney on the front. The Photoshoot was
done "in a lift" according to Reece and took hours!

The Leeds signing beat the Charring X one for numbers!
It was incredible. Thank god we were inside out of the
rain - I pity the people queuing round the block

Mark signed all my Doctor who books - and Jeremy and
Reece signed their names in Nightshade! I got
"special" dedications in each one.

Mark's NOT in "Doctor Who at 40" on Saturday - they
wanted to interview him but he had to leave

Jeremy's novel is FINISHED! Hurrah! The first draft is
with publishers so he thinks there will be a delay yet
till we can read it.

Reece said they'd LOVE to do another live tour but
only after the film is made.

That's it!

Series 3 DVD

I have just been watching the 2nd disc on the 3rd series DVD and one thing that has struck me is the music! There is a feature on the DVD that plays the music from the series and it is just incredible!

If you haven't already bought it (for yourself or for someone else) then buy it now, it really brings new dimension to the series!


Changes to the Signing!

Borders in Charing Cross Road printed posters for 6.30pm for todays (18th) signing in error so to make it easier the Gents will be starting half an hour later.

Mark and a footballers wife!

A star of cult comedy The League Of Gentlemen is to make a cameo
appearance in the forthcoming third series of ITV1's Footballers'

Mark Gatiss, 37, told TV Plus: "My agent rang me up and said: 'I know
you won't be interested but do you fancy doing a cameo for
Footballers' Wives?'

"I almost ripped the phone off her going, 'Of course I would. I love
the show - it's like a modern-day Dynasty. It was a joy to do."

Gatiss will play Teddy, the showbiz agent of Tanya Turner (Zoe

"She's a Bollywood actress on the side and wants to do more TV work,"
said Gatiss. "Teddy is very camp."

He laughed: "I hope he goes down well and the fourth series is based
around him."

Footballers' Wives returns in the New Year.


New T-Shirts and an Easter Egg!

There are some T-shirts available in the Merchadise area, they are excellent quality and there are four designs to choose from! And...Have you found the Easter Egg yet on the 3rd series DVD? Just let the title menu run its course through all the images of the series and a red bag floats past and turns into the st. christopher - click on it and you get Steve Pemberton's video of all the hard working behind the scenes people and see more of the filming of the third series - its really good!

There is also a Competition on the T-Shirt page, lets get some funny photo's sent in!


A roundup of all the latest news!

You may have noticed a few changes on the site recently, a very good revamp from my friend Kai! Hope you like them!

Maxim Mag: Edward, Mickey and Tubbs are guest editors in the December issue of Maxim Magazine!

Bizare Mag: An A-Z of the League of Gentlemen will feature in the forthcoming issue of Bizare Magazine!

Reece is currently filming Catterick, a six part, half hour real time road com by Reeves and Mortimer. He plays the character Tony.
It tells the story of the first 3 hours together of two brothers who have not seen each other for 15 years. They go in search of one brother's estranged son. On the way they fall foul and are pursued by a murderer, they are mistakenly wanted by the police and become involved with a hotel owner who is searching for his missing penis. One of the brothers finds love, the other friendship.

Q- MAG: The Gents are in the new edition of Q magazine. There is an interview with them at the Q Awards (page 65) underneath an interview with Robert Smith.

The Series 3 DVD is reviewed in DVD Monthly (Johnny Depp cover, December issue) and there is quite a big interview with a photo. It is also reviewed in Ultimate DVD, which contains a photo.

Steve won't be attending the book signings in London and Leeds due to filming the ITV movie of Death on the Nile, starring David Suchet as Poirot.

The Guys starred on Jonathon Ross's Radio show on Saturday (I was in Tenerife, sorry!) but you can listen to it again here www.bbc.co.uk/radio2.

There will be a competition this coming week to win a DVD and a book on the BBC Comedy web site here www.bbc.co.uk/comedy - click on Win a Thing!

Finally, go out and buy your series three DVD, out today!


Film News at last!

Gentlemen weave dark humour into a movie
Exclusive by Jonathan Donald
The League Of Gentlemen cast are turning their cult BBC2 series into a movie.

Stars Mark Gatiss, Reece Sheersmith, Steve Pemberton and their co-writer Jeremy Dyson are putting the finishing touches to the script.

Gatiss told Teletext: "We've got a draft now that we're very happy with and we've drawn up a list of film companies that we want to talk to. It's just a question now of whose money we take. We want total control."

The cast admit the move is a massive risk.

"We've always wanted to make one but we've just been building up to it over the last year," said Gatiss. "The last series was like a stepping stone, but it's a totally different business. It's so terrifying because there's so much more at stake."

They hope to begin production in the New Year with the release in 2005 and fictional town Royston Vasey — which is actually Hadfield in Derbyshire — will be the setting for the movie to be followed by a fourth TV series.

Pemberton said: "It will be set in Royston Vasey but it won't be what people expect. With a film there's obviously scope for a lot more special effects, but it all depends on the budget. It's all very ambitious."

With its grotesque characters and dark storylines careering between humour and tragedy, the show has become a cult. But the last series was not so well received, prompting speculation that it would be the last.

"We've created around 100 characters so far and with that many you don't feel that you've run out of things to say," said Pemberton.

Book Signings confirmed!

Leeds Borders at 6pm on 19th Nov!

Charing Cross London Borders 18th Nov 6pm!

Should be doing one more at end of November in London but
dates to be confirmed!

Signing both books and DVDs.


Book Signing!

I received this email from the nice lady at the Beeb who is handling publicity for the Gents book and DVD release!

"Boys will be in Borders Leeds on 19th November at 6pm to sign copies of both. There will also be 2 possible signings in London"

Spot Mark!

Mark Gatiss interviews Rufus Wainwright in this months edition of Attitude Magazine. Thanks Lauren. Mark will also be making a short cameo in Stephen Fry's new film Bright Young Things, which is out Friday 3 October. I think he is playing a photographer.

According to The Times, Mark Gatiss is apparently the script editor of Little Britain. Which would explain the Royston Vasey comparisons that reviewers of LB have been making recently


Finally available!

The Third series DVD is finally available to order on Amazon, see the link on the left!


To what degree?


THE UNIVERSITY OF HUDDERSFIELD has announced its list of Honorary Graduates. Each will receive an honorary degree during the University's Graduation Ceremonies in November.

The League of Gentlemen, the former West Yorkshire drama students responsible for the cult TV comedy, will each receive an Honorary Doctor of Letters - DLitt. Well-known for the acclaimed series set in the fictitious Pennine town of Royston Vesey, actors and script-writers Steve Pemberton, Jeremy Dyson, Reece Sheersmith and Mark all studied locally at Bretton Hall and Leeds University.

Their multi-award winning BBC2 show has a large student following and ran for a third series last September. Acclaimed as one of the most innovative television comedies of the last 20 years, The League of Gentlemen started life on the Edinburgh Fringe where it won a Perrier Award. It then transferred to Radio 4 where it won a Sony Award then to BBC2 where more awards and critical acclaim followed.

"It's certainly dark but it came at a time when TV comedy was less prepared to take risks," said Philip Williams, Head of Public Relations who nominated the series' creators for the award. "Some of the show's catch-phrases have entered the language. On local buses and trains you'll often hear people saying things like 'It's a bit Royston Vesey up there' when referring to remote Pennine villages."

The show's creators will receive their Honorary Degrees at a graduation ceremony in Huddersfield Town Hall on 20 November.

Other figures to be honoured during the Award Ceremonies include Yorkshire-born Joanna Harris, author of Chocolat, the Bishop of Manchester, The Right Reverend Nigel McCulloch, James Dillon the composer and inspirational charity fund-raiser Jane Tomlinson. Other figures from the world of business, academia and public life will also receive honorary awards.

"The League of Gentlemen deserve their award for their sheer creativity and the way they've developed their darkly comedic vision from a Fringe sketch to one of the most innovative TV series of recent years," said Philip Williams.


So...no news is good news? The League of Gentlemen were recently voted 4th best TV COmedy of all time, not bad eh?

Not the real Babs or the real Babs cab!Cabbie in frock lands himself in the dock

A CABBIE who picked up customers while dressed as a transsexual character in "honour" of his favourite TV show, found himself in court.

Chris Woodward runs a cab firm just a couple of miles from where the hit BBC comedy series, The League of Gentlemen, is filmed.

IN THE PINK: Chris as Babs

After helping out on the programme, joker Chris decided to start impersonating one of the show's characters, Babs, a transsexual cabbie . . . and dressed as a woman to pick people up in a pink taxi with Babs' Cabs written on the sides.

But council chiefs didn't see the funny side and brought five charges against him for driving a vehicle he wasn't licensed to, while impersonating someone else. The charges were later dropped in court.

Chris, who runs Goldline Taxis, in Henry Street, Glossop, said: "How on earth can you get charged for impersonating a transsexual television character?

"It's absurd. Everybody knows I love the League of Gentlemen and that I was impersonating Babs for a laugh. When I picked people up as Babs, it was only for a laugh - and I didn't take money from them."

A LEAGUE OF HIS OWN: Chris Woodward
The League of Gentlemen, filmed around Hadfield, follows a bunch of strange characters in an isolated community and has proved a massive cult hit.

A spokesman for High Peak council said Chris had been charged because Babs' Cabs did not exist and he was only licensed to drive Goldline taxis.

He also said Chris had "misled" the public because the phone number on the vehicle was still that of Goldline taxis - with no mention of that firm by name.

He added the council and police were concerned about "bogus" taxi drivers.

Chris and business partner Ivan Leachman, meanwhile, were fined a total of £950 for separate licence offences. They admitted 10 charges of breaching private hire legislation, at Buxton magistrates' court.

Chris was fined £850 with £225 costs and his partner £450 plus £125 towards costs. High Peak council said both taxi-private hire drivers' licences and the vehicle licence had expired. When it was pointed out, Chris obtained a new licence that day.


New Releases!

It appears there are a load of Audio Book being released very soon, one on the 4th August HERE and one on the 3rd November HERE and the 3rd Series audio book on the 6th October HERE!



A Local Competition for Local People!

I am very pleased to announce a competition in conjunction with localvideo's to win one of Three copies of their excellent film ' Hadfield - The Real Royston Vasey'!

Please click here to enter the Competition!

Meeting in Hadfield this weekend!

This from Liz who organises the events!

Here's a run through of what will be happening at the meet up,
(provided nothing goes pearshaped between then and now!)
NB All times approximate :)

12.00 pm -1.30 pm
Meet up starts....lots of milling around... peeps saying
hello ...good time to get some food,as the afternoon will be busy !
Also the Puzzle Pages* will be handed out :)

1.30-2.30 pm +
The Quiz ....lots of goodies to be won!

3.00 -4.30 pm +
The Town Location tour with Treasure Hunt ....the entry fee for the
Tour is £1 ...all of which goes into a pot ....(half for the winner
of the Treasure Hunt* and half for charity)

4.30 pm -5 pm
Back to the pub!

5.00-6 pm approx
League of Gentlemen Bingo(with prizes!)

Break for dinner etc

8pm - closing
Themed disco and karaoke

Hot and cold food is served in the pub from 12.00pm till approx 6.30
pm, but check with Linda or the bar staff when they will stop
serving ..they might serve a little later,if it's very busy.
And from experience,they cater very well for veggies(and
kiddies)...it's not just all "Briss burgers!"
There are good Chinese and Indian takeaways in the village,and
chip shops,also convenience stores that sell snacks,drinks etc.
Unfortunately,there is a dearth of picnic sites :P
There is one cash machine in the village(in the store next to the
Gables)however,it isn't very reliable :/
The pub doesn't take Switch etc,but some of the shops do,so you could
get'cash-back'if you neeeded it.
But there are all the major banks in Glossop(about 5-10 mins away by
car,if you get stuck.)
Public transport:the last train back to Manchester is at 10.20 pm
approx(they run every half hour before that).

* puzzle page ....first person to complete it correctly,gets a
prize :)

* the Treasure Hunt .....first person/team back to the pub with a
correctly completed sheet,wins!

Right, the rest of you ......:D
I hope to see lots of you there, and here's to having a really good
time! Again!


PS As always,if anyone has any questions etc ..please mail me.

E-Mail Liz Here!


Not Local?

Proving that 'Everyone is local to somewhere...' this web site is seeing an increasing number of not local visitors as the popularity of The League of Gentlemen increases throughout the world!

This map of the world shows the percentage of site visitors from each different time zone...

These snap shots, one from the morning and one from the afternoon prove there is someone in practically every country in the world who is 'Local!'


Third Series Release date at last!

League of Gentlemen: Series 3 (DVD)

Duration: 244 mins
Region: 2
Release Date: 10/11/2003

DVD Features include:
30-minute behind-the-scenes fature
15-minute video diary by Steve Pemberton
Deleted scenes & outtakes
Cast commentary and character biogs
Photogallery and special FX footage
An 'edit-your-own-end-sequence' package
Isolated music score and animated menus

Gents make an appearance!

Mark Gatiss and Jeremy Dyson will be special guests at this year's Cult TV event, to be held on 10-13 Oct in Weston Super Mare. It costs £79 to register (this does not include food or hotel accommodation). You *have* to go for all four days although there are special room rates if you want to stay on site at the event.

Other guests are Paul Darrow, Nicholas Courtney, Gareth Thomas and Mitch Benn.


Thanks to Tara from http://www.davidwalliams.com


3rd Series out soon on Video and DVD!

The moslt likely date will be October but it may be November, a search on the Internet does not find a release date yet but I am told October by a fairly reliable source!

Ebay Fake copy!

If you have been unable to wait and have been tempted to buy a so called DVD off Ebay of the 3rd series then I have to advise you not to. I ordered a copy for review purposes and although it does exactly what it says it will do, the quality isn't even VHS quality. Also the guy selling them isn't 'Local' and is uncommunicative and wasn't exactly truthful in his dealings, it took 4 weeks to arrive and was posted the day before it arrived when he had promised that it had been posted 5 days before but postmarks don't lie! Stay away!


Happy Independance day!

Some of you may know that BBC America are currently showing the 3rd series and this week 30% of site visitors are from the USA! Welcome to all our American cousins, hope you enjoy the site!


Local Ryder!

Did you know Shaun Ryder and Bez from the Happy Mondays live in Hadfield? You do now!

Visit Hadfield with a click of a mouse!

Ever wanted to see the real life Hadfield? Now you can, click on this link for a 360 degree view!


Pre-Order the script book!

The script book is finally available to order, get yours first HERE!

Not New News!

This is an old interview that was featured before, but some of the newer visitors may not have heard it, it is with Danny Baker, it is in real player format and you can download part one here and part two here!


Vote for the Gents!

You can now vote for The League of Gentlemen in the TVQuick awards, make sure you vote and then tell ALL your friends to vote for them and get them to tell all their friends and so on!!! The vote is at http://www.tvquick.co.uk until 20th June!


Happy Local Wedding! You're Gary's wife now!

Congratulations to special friends of mine, Gary and Catherine on their wedding today!

Ok, 3 pieces of news today, two items about Mark and one about the website!

Mark Gatiss - Potato Man!

Marks going to be in a new comedy film called 'Sex Lives of the
Potato Men.' its also starring Mackenzie Crook, Johnny Vegas and
comedy newcomer Dominic Coleman

More Mark...

"Perfect Gentleman! The first part of a candid interview with Who writer and League of Gentlemen star Mark Gatiss!" will appear in the Doctor Who Magazine issue 332 on sale June 26th.

Greeting Cards going fast!

There are only 15 sets of the greeting cards left, I am told that the Papa card and the Alvin card haven't hit the shops yet so at the moment we appear to be the only place to get them!


Happy Birthday Dad!Buy an Official League of Gentlemen Greeting Card set!

Ok, the greeting cards have arrived and are ON SALE NOW! Thanks you to those of you that have ordered them and they will be posted on Monday! Click here if you want to know more!

Cicerones in Manchester!

I received this email whilst I was in Spain...

Commonwealth Film Festival - Cornerhouse and AMC Great Northern Cinemas in Manchester between 6th-15th June.

It may be of interest to yourself and the readers of your website to know that we shall be screening as part of the Bizarre Programme, The Cicerones, a fantastic film directed by Jeremy Dyson and starring Mark Gatiss, there are many other quirky and edgy films that will definitely appeal to those with a twisted sense of humour. We will be showing Carry on Commonwealth, A Matter of Life and Death and many more programmes of fantastic films from across the commonwealth that deal with issues from a humourous perspective.

The date for the Bizarre Commonwealth Programme is:
Sunday 15th June, 16:00, AMC Cinema,(Cinema 2) Manchester.

Cornerhouse Bookings: 0161 200 1500
Screenings before 17:00: £3.90 full/£2.80 concs
Screenings after 17:00: £4.90 full/£3.70 concs

AMC Bookings: 0161 817 3000
All Screenings: £5 full/£2.75 concs

League Film Rumour #1

Steve and Reece have been touring all the old Victorian theatres in London researching for a new movie they have been asked to write about an old ghost who lives in a theatre! This could be research for the much talked of League film (and whilst we are on the subject, the Extrordinary film is NOT a League of Gentlemen Film) or it could be research for this years hoped for League of gentlemen Christmas Special or it could be an altogether different project! So there you go, and before I get emails, I don't class this as a spoiler really but in future if many rumours start to come in I will put a seperate spoiler page up!

New Web Site!

Many of you will know about the link between the League and David Walliams, well now there is a wonderful new website dedicated to him at http://www.davidwalliams.com. This site is built and maintained by Leagueofgentlemen.co.uk contributer Tara and is us a must for all League fans to at least visit and add to their favourites!


Happy Local News Page!

Sorry for the lack of updates these last few weeks, not much has been going on though! There is good news on the greeting cards, they will be available in approx 10 days time, there will be 5 cards, one with Papa Lazarou who has a present for you...one with Val And Harvey who do not celebrate Birthdays...one with Alvin who hopes you have a swinging birthday...one with Edward and Tubbs who have nothing for you here...Plus...the Sound Card that is a larger Edwards and Tubbs and features Edward wishing you a Happy Local Birthday and Tubbs hoping you get lots of Precious Things!

I am taking orders now and you can pay in a variety of ways, see the Greeting Cards page here for more Info!

There are new t-shirts available on Ebay, see the Links at the top of this page for more info!

Greeting Cards!

I will soon be selling the Official League of Gentlemen Greeting cards, as sold in about three WHSmiths branches! There will be four designs as well as a sound card! Watch this space for more info!

09/04/2003 -Thanks Ali!


Steve Pemberton looks set to join the Hollywood cast of a new British Comedy called 'Churchill - The Hollywood years' The makers of Bridget Jones's Diary are gearing up to start filming at Paignton Oldway Mansion next week.

The script is by Peter Richardson and Pete Richens who were responsible for many of the Comic Strip Presents... series. Other cast members are Christian Slater (as Churchill), Neve Campbell (as Queen Elizabeth II), Anthony Sher (as Hitler), Leslie Phillips, Mackenzie Crook, Reeves and Mortimer, Harry Enfield, James Dreyfuss and of course our very own Pemby!

League News at Last!

Our roving reporter Tara file this report from the Rudolf Rocker concert on Friday...

Jeremy's novel is very near completion, although it hasn't yet got a title.

Series 3 will definitely be out on Video/DVD in October. On top of this, the Gents are releasing a 500+ page script book (all three series) which will include "everything" according to Jeremy, incluing their own notebooks as used during the filming! How fantastic is that?

They've just started writing the film but "any ideas" would be helpful, according to Jeremy. ;)


Local Meet

For those of you who would like to know more about the Summer meet in Hadfield, please email Liz at brightnightshade@yahoo.co.uk for all the details! Everyone is welcome, as you would expect the fans are a friendly bunch and I can assure you you will have a great time and make loads of new 'local' friends if you go!


Send a League Postcard!

Send a virtual postcard to your friends here!

Meeting in Hadfield!

The date of the summer meet up will be the 26th July 2003 ....at the
Mason's Arms,Station Road, Hadfield.
It will start in the pub at 1pm.....all the usual
jollifications ...quiz/tour/etc etc.
Hot and cold food available all day in the pub till around 7pm.
Dressing up as your favourite character is optional ..having a good
time is not!!
Full itinerary posted nearer the date ....please refer to Robin's
excellent site www.roystonvasey.co.uk for details of train
timetables/travel directions to and from Hadfield,and for contact
numbers for B&B's and hotels.
All welcome!


Rudolf Rocker with jeremy!

Received this email today, if anyone goes can they send a gig revue to me at jk@leagueofgentlemen.co.uk...

Hi Jason,

Just had Jeremy in rehearsing with the rest of Rudolf Rocker for a special, one-off gig in Leeds on Saturday April 5th. He suggested I get in touch, so here's the details:

Saturday 5th April 2003 - Mook All-Dayer at Joseph's Well, Leeds.

Mook Records and House of Mook Studios celebrate the release of the album scum by Pop Threat with an all-day event featuring 10 bands. This includes League of Gentlemen member Jeremy Dyson making a rare live appearance in his role as keyboard player with Rudolf Rocker. The last time all three members of Rudolf Rocker performed together was in March 2000, as one of the last bands to play at The Duchess in Leeds.

Other acts include Percy (featuring ex-Housemartin Hugh Whitaker on drums), the hotly tipped 10,000 Things and Buzzkill, fresh from a European tour.

Rudolf Rocker are currently working on their second album for Mook Records. Percy's debut album will be released later this year. Pop Threat are unfortunately unable to appear at the gig.

Admission is £5.00. Doors open from 2.00 pm. Rudolf Rocker will be on in the evening

Joseph's Well is on Chorley Lane, Leeds LS2 9NW. Telephone 0113 203 1861.

Mook Records/House of Mook Studios
Authorpe Road, Leeds LS6 4JB
0113 230 4008


Tour Merchandise

I have been asked quite a few times recently about the official Tour Merchandise...T-Shirts and beanie hats etc...there was a company that used to have the license to sell official League of Gentlemen merchandise but I have been informed now that they are no longer allowed to sell Official Merchandise.

But better news...

We have managed to acquire a very small quantity of the original snowstorms that were given away with Series 1 Video. These globes have sold for crazy amounts in the past due to their scarcity. If you'd like to get your hands on one of the originals we are currently offering them on a first come first served basis...see here for details!


If you go to http://www.filmfour.com and search in short films you can watch Jeremy Dysons Short film The Ciccerones starring Mark Gattiss!

It's your birthday now!

Apparently WHSmiths are selling League of Gentlemen greeting cards at some stores!


Spielburg a League fan?

If you watched last nights final episode of Taken you may have wondered if Speilburg stole the Nose bleed scene but when the army guy said at the end...'There's nothing for us here' that clinched it for me!



The following article about the Gents being the next Dr Who was taken from The Sunday Mirror and the Chortle web site. Unfortunately I have had it confirmed from the League's management that this is not so. The official comment is...'Sadly no foundation in this rumour at all' - so there you go, don't always believe everything you read in the newspapers!

A League of Doctors!

The Daleks and Cybermen are coming back with Dr Who returning to TV after a break of 14 years.

The stars behind hit comedy The League of Gentlemen are in talks with senior BBC executives and have already written scripts. The Doctor will be played by League regular Mark Gatiss, a lifelong fan of the cult show.

The rest of the League - Mark Pemberton, Reece Shearsmith and Jeremy Dyson - are expected to play villains, with guest appearances by other big-name British stars.

The show, with millions of fans worldwide, will keep its trademark cheap wobbly sets and plastic monsters.

The last series, with Sylvester McCoy as the Time Lord, ended in 1989.

Doctor Who launched in 1963 with William Hartnell as the first Time Lord. Jon Pertwee, Tom Baker and Peter Davison were among others in the role over the 26-year run.


Jeremy on TV

Jeremy is appearing on "The DVD Collection" on
BBC4, on Friday, March 14th, 8:30pm. He'll be reviewing A Fish Called

Fancy owning the real Babs cab?

Or maybe the Legz Akimbo van? Click here for details on how to buy them...or just to look at the pictures!


No news is...no news!

Still nothing to report but to pass the time whilst we are waiting, I have created a book group! You can find it here http://groups.yahoo.com/group/jkbookgroup , go out and buy the book, start reading it and then tell everyone what you think!


My Life as a Dalek!

Mark Gatiss chronicles the 40-year history of Dr Who's most feared adversary and celebrates the Daleks' reign of galactic terror and extermination.

Time: 10:30 to 11:00 (30 minutes long).
When: Saturday 22nd February on BBC Radio Four


Would you buy a car off these men?

Nice to hear Steve and Reece doing a proper job for once, selling Cars, well Vans actually! They are doing the voice over for the Vauxhall Combo van, currently airing on various radio stations, not a bad van but not as good as the VW Caddy!


Going down..?

Thanks to Baconsplicer for this, The gents 3rd series will be shown in Australia from Friday 7th February, at 10.20 pm on ABC television!


All the Latest!

Ok, a little bit misleading considering there isn't really any latest news about the Gents, but, I do have some good info for all those who have been writing in recently, so read on!

At some point over the last 2 weeks the site hit it's Millionth visitor! A landmark in any site's history! Thanks to all those who visit, I have really enjoyed running this site over the last three years and with luck will enjoy running it for many years to come!

Onto the updates!

1. Still no date on series 3 DVD release, sorry!

2. No news on a possible date for the Film or another series!

3. Yes the Easter Egg on the DVD only last a short while and it is not the whole film.

4. Yes it is Steve doing the voice over on the Travel Channel advert.

5. There is no Official League of Gentlemen Tour Merchandise left at all.

6. Still no dates on a Region 1 release of series 2 or 3.

7. No news on a tour yet either!

8. Scared of missing The League or any other of your favourite comedies? Download the TV Guide in More Media at the top of the page, install it and you will never miss classic comedy again! Verified virus free.


Gents win again!

The Gents have won the Comedy award for their third series at this
years South Bank Show Awards! Watch out for the awards being televised, I will try to inform you as soon as I know!


Happy new year!

Sorry for the lack of updates recently, there hasn't been much to say though!

Art has now finished and the bad news is that it seems it was never filmed, so for those of you that missed it, start crying now!

I have had loads of emails recently asking about a new League tour, unfortunately I have it from a good source that there are no definate plans for another tour. I think their plans is to have a rest and then start to write the film! It wouldn't surprise me if they did arrange a tour for later in the year though, maybe to try out new stuff?

For those of you that have asked if I know when the Third series will be out on DVD, well I doubt if even the BBC have a definate date, but from experience I would have a guess at August/September!

And...for those eager beavers asking when the next series is coming out, don't hold your breath! They have gone from writing the third to filming the third to art so they won't have had time to even talk to the BBC about commissioning a fourth yet, give it time!

I will be doing some research on Mark's solo project in the next week and will report my findings soon!



There is a competition here to win the second series Video! There is also an article about this site and the league here!

Robbie the Reindeer!

Did you all spot the voices of our beloved League in Robbie the Reindeer? This is a Comic Relief Release, and as such I wasn't going to put a clip on the site, however, if you all promise to visit Comic Relief (Here) and make a donation then you can watch the clip that you will find here. Remember you promised!

You can buy a video of Robbie the Reindeer featuring The League of gentlemen Here and remember it is a comic relief aiding release!


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

To all of the site's visitors, thanks for making this site the success that it is, thanks for all your e-mails and support over the last year and here's to many more years of the League of Gentlemen!

Have a good one, all the best!



Peter Jackson - LoG Fan?

You may have seen the new Two Towers film, Lord of the Rings? Did you spot the LoG reference? Maybe it was and maybe it is a coincidence but it would be funny if the Log were referenced in a film considering the amount of film references they manage to squeeze in! Anyway, during a scene between Elrond and Arwen where Elrond is explaining that if she stays she will be alone. At one point he turns to her and utters the following:

"Arwen, there is nothing for you here."

So, proof that Arwen is just not local. Would love to see her in my local though!


Forgive the great big plug but I have just been buying xmas presents at Amazon.co.uk and it is amazing what you can find! I just bought some comedy video's and the stuff it throws up when you buy one thing and it says, people who bought this also bought...try it!



Xmas Special to be shown on TV!

The Christmas Special will be shown on BBC2 at 23:30 on Monday 23rd December! They will also have a show on the new BBC7 (details below) the show starts at 08:30 on Tuesday 17th December and continues weekly, I have no further details but I suspect it is the On the Town Radio show!


Sorry for the lack of updates in the last few weeks, I have been away on a training course in Coventry!

Well, Christmas day see's a little bit of League action in the Bafta-winning Robbie the Reindeer! Robbie and his motley band of pals are back – and this time they're on a death-defying quest to find a mythical band of warriors in Legend Of The Lost Tribe.

A star-studded voice cast featuring David Attenborough, Rob Brydon, Steve Coogan, Harry Enfield, Ricky Gervais, Jeff Goldblum, Jane Horrocks, Sean Hughes, Ardal O'Hanlon, Alistair McGowan, Natalie Imbruglia, Paul Whitehouse and The League Of Gentlemen makes Robbie's adventures "must-see" family viewing this Christmas. Will be shown on BBC1 on Christmas day at 15.10. This is a comic relief program so I will not be putting clips on the site, the DVD will be available to buy from boxing day!

The League will be helping to launch BBC7 radio on SUNDAY15th DECEMBER Yes, today! It is on Sky Radio, channel 922.


The Second Easter Egg!

Thanks to Carol and Gail for this! To find the second Easter Egg, You need to go into audio, wait for the choirboys to start singing and then click on the icon in the middle of the screen. 'R.I.P' will light up.
You'll then find the filming of Charlie Hulls' line dance routine in 3 different angles.



The DVD Easter Egg

To find the hidden uncut version of Highgate house of horror, go to Stocking Fillers, then press the back button once. A Christmas Wreath appears, press enter and you will be asked for a password which is prawn toast.


And the winner is...

The competition to win a DVD of the Xmas special is now closed. (You had to join the Text Alerts to enter) and the winning mobile number will receive a text message off me today informing them of their win! This will save them from going out and spending their own money on a copy on Monday and then ending up with two!

Thanks to all those who entered, the text alerts are still up and running though!


Tell all your friends!

For those of you without Internet Explorer, you can now navigate around this site!


Book/DVD Signing!

The League Of Gentlemen will be signing copies of the Xmas Special at Forbidden Planet New Oxford
Street London Monday 25th November at 5pm!

Classic Radio!


Go to this web site and vote for The League of Gentlemen to appear on BBC7, digital radio


Coming soon...

I will soon have the ultimate episode guide up, starting with Series 1 and the others shortly after, keep a look out for it!


I have just ordered my first Dr.Who item since I was bought an annual when I was 8! Marg Gatiss wrote and directed a Dr.Who play called 'Invaders from Mars' and since January it has been available on double CD, you can order yours or learn more about it at this link, http://www.doctorwho.co.uk/bf028_invadersfrommars.htm I am not really a Dr.Who fan but this sounds a good story and may be an ideal introduction into the Dr.Who world, besides anything written by Mr Gatiss has to have a little humour in it!


TLC A Triumph?

There are video clips of last nights TLC in the Interviews>TV Appearances section and yes ladies there is the nude bit. Here is some of the feedback people have sent in via the text alerts...

Just watched tlc, I think its brill! Will be watching it next week. Its
gr8t 2 c something new"

"TLC was excellent,well done Reece! Nikki "

"Tlc was a curates egg, good performances from reece + xander, but a poor
supporting cast blew the timing. Kate, Hastings."

"how good were tlc and alan partridge? Alexander Armstrong rather stole t
sho in tlc, but Reece was excellent 2. Steve Coogan's a genius, dont u

"I thought bug were great and reece was gorgeous as ever "


TLC - Television likes Comedy!

Just a reminder that TLC starts tonight at 9.30pm! If you want to know a little bit about it, read below, may contain spoilers!

Dr Flynn (Reece Shearsmith) is on his first shift as a junior hospital doctor. He's
about to plunge a huge needle into a patients chest when he wakes
from a dream and finds that hes about to stab a corpse. Then the
lights go out and, fortunately, he's still dreaming. Woken by his
bleeper this time, he rushes to attend to a patient suffering a
cardiac arrest. Then he notices that he and everyone else is naked.

Before he can blush, Flynn is woken again - for real this time. He is
called to a real cardiac arrest but smashes into a door on the way.
So begins Flynns initiation into the hospital system.

Along the way, he meets registrar Dr Noble, the tough Sister Hope,
Staff Nurse Judy, monstrous surgical consultant Mr Ron and a host of
other, equally baffling characters who live and work in the hospital.
It is Nobles task to help Flynn settle in - and to keep him awake.
And its not long before the junior doctor discovers that there's only
one drug that really matters in this hospital - coffee.

League of Gentlemen Dating

Do you remember attachments in the second series? Olive and Ian? Well if you fancy having a laugh, maybe meet some LoG related friends or even meet that 'Special' someone (Miracles do happen!) then join our dating agency, the link can be found in the info section above!


I am still hoping to have an exclusive soon regarding new 'Official' League of Gentlemen T-Shirts, their management will be looking at some samples very soon and as soon as the company get the go ahead to produce them I will tell you all about it!

In the mean time, the unofficial but professional key rings are still available as are the Snowstorms!


Win a copy of the Xmas Special!

Just a reminder that we are in the last week to enter the competition to win a copy of the Xmas special on DVD! All you have to do is join the text alerts that can be found here or in the More Media section above!


Soundtrack due next year!

The League of Gentlemen soundtrack is in the works for next year, but I believe no release dates have been scheduled!


A local man for Local people!

I live in Preston, about a 15 minute drive from Chorley, old home of Steve Pemberton! Chorley are looking for a cultural representative, vote for Steve Pemberton here http://www.chorley.gov.uk/


Joby Talbot LoG theme Composer

Joby Talbot's new album The Dying Swan : Music for 1-7 Players is available now. Released on Black Box Records, this is Joby's debut album and features the music written for the silent film The Dying Swan by Russian director Evgenii Bauer.

Joby will be performing work from the new album live on the following dates:

Sunday 10th November
Coventry, Warwick Arts Centre 7.30 pm
02476 524524

Friday 22nd November
London, Queen Elizabeth Hall 7.45pm
020 7960 4242

Joby has also written a full orchestral score for Robbie the Reindeer, an animated film developed for Comic Relief, written by Richard Curtis. This is the second 'Robbie' film and has been pre-sold all over the world, including the States.

The full title of the film is Robbie the Reindeer in Legends of the Lost Tribe. The programme will be broadcast over the Christmas period on BBC1 and the video will release at that time. The cast includes Ardal O'Hanlan, Steve Coogan, Jeff Goldblum, Ricky Gervais and Richard Attenborough.


Forum for 'em!

In response to visitor demand there is now a basic forum in the Stuff section.


If you love The League of Gentlemen, you'll shit kittens for this
superb release" Movie 9/10 Extras 9/10

More news on the Christmas Special DVD, this according to DVD Monthly magazine:

Special features are confirmed as...

* Tales From Behind The Crypt - History of Anthology Horror Films (which
trawls the group's horror influences whilst also features scenes from
their raw camcorder shot debut - 1995's Highgate House of Horror which
makes Blair Witch look like a $100 million Hollywood epic)

* Jackanory - "The Curse of Karrit Poor" ("wickedly humorous spoof
starring the Victorian Chinnery which has to be the only episode of the
ex-children's favourite to open with a monkey buming an elephant)

* Interview with composer Joby Talbot
* 26 minutes of out-takes & extended scenes
* FX shots
* "In Conversation with the League of Gentlemen" - Radio 4 Interview
* "Local People" - Character profiles
* Photo Gallery
* Subtitles
* Scene Selection
* Easter Eggs


Plus...there is news of the 3rd series DVD (yes, already!)

Recently speaking to Mark Gatiss, DVD Mothly learned that, "Series 3 DVD
is already under way, with a delicious (and secret) set of extras planned."

When questioned about the possible features, he chirped, "Oh we've got
loads already. We've actually shot a documentary ourselves. We spent the
whole year writing and producing it, which is probably gonna start on
BBC3. But there's an awful lot. We might actually have to go to 3 discs!
There's just so much stuff, but anyway, that's for next year..."

There are a few updates on the site this week, including the new Key ring in Merchandise and the new Media section!


Steve Coogan wishes he was in the League!

There is an interview with Steve Coogan in the new magazine 'Jack'. In the interview Steve talks about how he wishes he had thought of doing 'The League of Gentlemen'! It is an excellant article with one of comedys real funny men. Dr Terrible was shit though.


How the Series got it's Ending!Babs little darlings...baby Edward and Tubbs?

So, it's all over for another year or so! Read my thoughts on the Third Series in the 3rd series video clips section!

I have added more video clips and there will be 6 clips from each episode added to the site each week, starting next week with Series 1 Episode 2!

The behind the scenes will be added to the site in the next few days (wasn't it gud!)

There will be a new key ring available from tomorrow in the Merchandise Section and if you have arrives at this page looking for T-Shirts or The Live show then this is to tell you that the t-shirts are going to be LoG inspired and will be produced via the same people doing the Peter Kay T-shirts that you can see in HMV. Hopefully anyway! The Live show clips will be added in the next few weeks!


Shivers Mag! TLC Pictures!

Shivers mag is out now with a League feature!

Here are some pictures from Reece's new TV project TLC, that I am told will air on Monday, November 11th but I have not had this confirmed 100% yet!

Picture supplied by Gail Click on the pic to visit her fan site!
Picture supplied by Gail Click on the pic to visit her fan site!
Dr. Flynn (Reece Shearsmith)Picture supplied by Gail Click on the pic to visit her fan site!


Little Ralf!

The Ralf Little clip is up and if you want to see the ART interview it may still be available here.

I have managed to squeeze the video clips down in size so they load a lot quicker, there will be more up tomorrow or Sunday night!

If you are having a problem finding SNUG magazine either subscribe at www.snugmag.com or if you send cheques for £3.50 made payable to Licensed Publishing Ltd to Snug, 48-50 St John St, London, EC1M
4DG, they'll send a copy by return of post (postage and packaging free)!

I may put the sixth episode video clips up early this week (Off BBC Choice) as I am out next Thursday but I will put up Spoiler notices!


No news is...no news!

For those of you who missed Steve and Mark on the Ralf Little show I will have the clip up later today, in the mean time enjoy the clips of the fifth episode!


Great Scott!

There will be a Behind the scenes special Making of The League of Gentlemen Documentary on
Thursday 31st October on BBC Choice at 22:30 to 23:00 just after the BBC2 showing of the last episode, this is not a repeat of the old behind the scenes but a new one!


There will be a League of Gentlemen night Saturday 2nd November on BBC Choice, here are the details:

The Lesbian And The Monkey

21:00 on Saturday 2nd November. Duration: 30 minutes

The One Armed Man Is King

21:30 on Saturday 2nd November. Duration: 30 minutes

Turn Again, Geoff Tipps

22:00 on Saturday 2nd November. Duration: 30 minutes

The Medusa Touch

22:30 on Saturday 2nd November. Duration: 30 minutes

Beauty and the Beast (Or, Come into My Parlour).

Starting: 23:00 on Saturday 2nd November. Duration: 30 minutes

How the Elephant Got Its Trunk

Starting: 23:30 on Saturday 2nd November. Duration: 1 hour

How the Elephant got its Trunk

23:00 on Sunday 3rd November. Duration: 30 minutes

Did you notice the one hour duration on the first showing of the last episode? Curious!


Woss is wup

The Jonathon Ross interview from a few weeks ago is now in the Interviews/radio section!


We don't even give change...

I have made a few changes to the navigation on the site. I hope it will make it easier to find what you are looking for! When it is fully finished in the next few days, there will be 6 video clips of each episode in each series PLUS the live show! There will be sound clips from each episode and a lot of new pictures!


Well last nights two episodes were the best yet! Only one more for those with BBC Choice! There are clips of Episode 4 in the news/series3 stuff sections!

There will be three new sections on the site over the next few weeks! The more stuff section will be launched soon, if you have any ideas what you would like to see there then mail me at jk@leagueofgentlemen.co.uk!


Only in Snug Magazine!Snug as a bug in a pub!

There is an interview with Steve, Mark and Reeve in a new magazine being launched this week!

It's about people who go in pubs and the things they talk about. They conduct all their interviews and photo shoots in pubs.

Only in Snug Magazine!For issue one, they met up with Mark, Steve and Reece in The Bald Faced Stag in East Finchley. The pub used to be their local and is where they found the inspiration for the Mau Mau scene. In particular, they spoke to them about appearing in Art and their plans for the future. The interview is across six pages of the magazine.

Snug will be out on Thurs Oct 17. It will be available from WHSmith branches in train stations and airports, Border's bookstores, major Sainsbury's stores and a selection of other newsagents.


The first series will be repeated on UK Gold from 22.20 on Tuesdays starting the 15th!


Steve Pemberton will be on the Ralf Little show on BBC Choice, 21:00 to 21:30 on Thursday 24th October!

Want to know what happens in the last two episodes? Well you could if you had joined the Yahoo Spoiler club! If you really want to know then pop over to the news/series 3 stuff and scroll down to the bottom! Then join the Yahoo groups featured in Forum/Links as a thank you!



The BBC Comedy Website are running a competition to win the Christmas Special and
Signed Photos from Wednesday 16th October to Tuesday 22nd!


Half way there!

Or more if you have Beeb Choice! Anyway, after reading a lot of reports and opinions on the third series I thought I would add my bit.

Yes, it is different. No, it isn't as immediately funny, but has it ever been? It isn't the fast show and it isn't meant to be the fast show. The first two series weren't as funny on the first watch as they were on the second, third and fourth! Comedy is not a Big Mac, you shouldn't expect the same every time you take a bite, how boring would that be!

Having seen the first three episodes we have seen half of a film, you wouldn't walk out of a three hour film after the first hour and a half and expect to be able to say if it was good or not! I think they have made something truly original (well as original as it can be taking inspiration from everything around them!) and something that has to be seen in it's entirety. They are telling a story that will only become clear in the final episode.

Yes, they will have lost fans of the first two series but they will have gained fans who love how complex it all is! Remember that all fiction can be taken on many levels, Bridget Jones Diary was Pride and prejudice, Alan Bennett fans will love Marks monologues, documentary watchers will love the Doctor and the Debt collectors. You can watch the individual sketches or you can try to see the bigger picture and maybe enjoy it all the more.

For those of you who watched the Geoff Tipps episode last night this is what you have to look forward to!

The Medusa Touch.

Award-winning comedy series set in a remote town populated by a range of bizarre characters. B&B proprietors Alvin and Sunny invite their weekend 'Sexplorers' to join them in a voyage of auto-erotic discovery - although Alvin would prefer to be at the garden centre. But who is the mysterious femme fatale in the dwarf conifers and what is the secret of the fearsome 'Medusa'? ++ This week's magnificent slab of tawdriness focuses on a gathering of "Sexploers" at the B&B, led by the figure of 'Daddy' with his auto erotic asphyxiation machine. Interspersed with the sexual shenanigans is a superb portrayal of ultra-pushy parents putting their poor daughter through the misery of the Junior Miss Elegance Pageant

Anyway for those with Choice look out for next weeks episode entitled 'Beauty and the Beast (or come into my parlour) this is the review...

Award-winning comedy series set in a remote town populated by a range
of bizarre characters. The launch of Judee Levinson's beauty salon
proves to be a great success, thanks to Charlie Hull's unexpected
skill as a masseur. Meanwhile, Neds and Tris have a night-time
adventure in Maxie Power, the home-made, crime-solving car.


Cornerhouse in Manchester

On Friday October 25th, Jeremy Dysons short film THE CICERONES will be shown before the main feature DEAD OF NIGHT at 10.45pm!

DEAD OF NIGHT will be proceeded by an introduction from writer Ramsey Campbel


Two down...

Oh dear, two episodes down and only 4 left! I have to admit there are mixed feelings in our house over the new series, I love it but my wife isn't so sure. She thought the best episode was the third seen on BBC Choice last night and I have to agree despite it having Tish in it who I dislike! I am not sure about the ending though, it doesn't seem to be creating a storyline around the ending of each episode, they just all end there. Then again, I have faith in the lads, time will tell! Enjoy the new sound clips and video clips, youwill find them in news/series3!

You can now buy the Xmas Special Video that comes in a local Shop shaped tin, these are sure to become collectors items so order yours now HERE!

A reminder!



Don't forget the Second episode on BBC2 tonight at 10PM and the third episode at 10.30PM on BBC Choice.

The Fourth episode will be called The Medusa Touch and features Alvin!

Inside out


If you missed the Inside out program then it is in Media/TV Appearances and if anyone has a copy of the Radio 2 interview or Mark's Eurostar advert please send them to jk@leagueofgentlemen.co.uk

First Episode Madness!


Brilliant! No laughter track, the return of Edward and Tubbs (briefly), Pauline, and others from the second episode that I am not going to talk about till next week, all my favourites were back!

Read what people think in the comments section HERE!

Visit the Series 3 page for sound clips and video clips, they are low quality and are ALL Windows media files so they are not suitable for pirate copy material!


Do you really need a reminder? Tonight, 10pm BBC2 the first episode, 'The Monkey and the lesbian' followed by the second episode 'The one armed man is King' on BBC Choice at 10.30!

A real good treat!

E-Mail your thoughts on the 1st episode only (we don't want to ruin it for those without SKY!) to jk@leagueofgentlemen.co.uk and the best will appear here!


Did you miss Johnny Vaughan? Head over to Media/TV Appearances for a video clip of the interview!

Ringtone.net have a new Polyphonic League of Gentlemen Ring tone, it is absolutely amazing, listen to it here! Log Mp3 and then buy it here! Buy!


It seems the BBC decided to pull the shows last night because it featured the 'Wolves did it' scene and was deemed a tad insensitive due to the sad discovery of Amanda Dowlers body.

A round up thanks to Mamashaz of the upcoming gents appearances...

Tuesday 24th - Johnny Vaughn Tonight, BBC1 at 11.05pm (or at 9.00pm on BBC

Wednesday 25th - Good Morning Scotland, BBC Radio Scotland at 6.00am -
Have no fear if you can't get Radio Scotland. They have a website where I
believe you can listen to it online after the event.

Wednesday 25th - Simon Mayo Show, Radio 5 at 1.00pm - 4.00pm

Thursday 26th - Richard & Judy, Channel 4 at 5.00pm - 6.00pm

Friday 27th - R:ISE, Channel 4 at 6.55am - 9.00am

Friday 27th - Jo Whiley, Radio 1 at 10.00am - 1.00pm

Saturday 28th - The Jonathan Ross Show, Radio 2 at 10.00am - 1.00pm


No, I have no idea why BBC2 didn't show the last of the repeats last night? Do you?

Gaby Roslin will be interviewing two of the Gents on BBC Breakfast on Monday!

See this link for details!


Reece and Jeremy Dyson will be on BBC Choices Liquid News on Friday the 27th December at 7pm, send them your questions here!

The Gents are in the current edition of TV Zone, apparently a very good article!

There are far too many magazines that the Gents are appearing in at the moment, not to mention the newspapers, free supplements but I will keep you informed on most of them!

The Gents will be on Jonathon Ross next Saturday and look out for FHM's next issue!

Older news than this can be found in the FAQ section!

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Visit http://www.startmotoring.co.uk for more information!


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