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1. Royston Vasey Railway Station

The Last Stop is where Benjamin Denton arrives into Royston Vasey for the first time. It's just by the war memorial and is a little run down. Rourmour has it that there hasn't been a train out of here since 1753... and that's the year 1753, not 7 minutes to 6...

2. War Memorial

The cenatar has been on Royston Vasey High Street since 1830

3. Hilary Briss & Son Butchers - 13 High St

Hilary Briss Butchers on the High Street was struggling for a while in his business. He started putting something 'special' in his meat that made him popular again. No one knows what it is but they've never tasted finer...

4. Burger Me - High Street

Burger Me is Royston Vasey's infamous burger restaurant. This is where Pauline & Mickey briefly worked before they were fired! Their specialitys inclue veggie kababs, cheese burgers, hot apple pies and veggie burgers, with special mustard...

5. Charity Shop - High Street

The Charity Shop is ran by Reenie and Vinnie every day except Thursdays, when 'that Merrill' works. They sell all sorts including cassettes, tape, jackets and books. Bt id it doesn't have a special mark, take it to Cancer 2 doors down, they'll take anything...

6. Redhawk Estate

Where some of the residents live including Iris Krell's family, and it's were Geoff and Mike grew up. Iris & Ron krell, and the many kids live at 9 Cat's Mews, it's the one that's all stone-clad.

7. St Mark's School

Where Legz Akimbo visited to show their play 'Everybody out!' It's also the school where Chloe & Radcliffe Dento attend. Past teachers include Mr McCunn, Mrs Milner, Ms Plumber, Mr Nap, Reverend Stevens Reverend Bernice Woodall.

8. St Mary of Bethlehem Hospital

Where Dr Fish, Dr Westly and occasionally Dr Chinnery work. It was here that Barbara had her sex change operation and Les McQueen works on the Ed Stewart ward.

9. Local Shop - on the hill

This little shop is ran by Edward & Tubbs Tattsyrup and overlooks Royston Vasey from the hills. It's situated right next to the site which is used for the construction project of the new road.

10. The Job Centre - Orial House

The Job Centre is of course, where Pauline takes her restart course. They also hold weight-watchers in Oial house, just down the coridoor from restart.

11. Attatchments - 74 Rillington Place

Gay, straight or bi, give them a try. Olive is the main assistant in Royston Vaseys only dating agency. Most of the people that go in there though, are weirdos...

12. The Windermere Guest House - 26 The Hogg Row

Ran by Alvin & Sunny Steel. They offer full English breakfast with 'jump leads' with complimentary Swrewsbury fruit buscuits, ensuite bedrooms, and a dungeon with crawl space where Alvin's good lady wife will entertain in fellatrix and all aspects of fantasy & role-play...

13. Swanmills Estate

The posh part of town. The Dentons live in 'Toad Hall' at number 5 and Judee & Eddie Levenson live in 'The Underlaye' at 22 Jim Cartwright's Road.

14. The Church

Local Reverand Bernice Woodall's church where she performs weddings and general moans in her Sunday services.

15. Hammonds Superstore

Hammonds use to be called Binns and is where Iris works. Chris Frost is the security guard, and a very good one.

16. Video Vault

The Video Vault is owned by Pigsy and is where Henry & Ally get all their videos, including pirates.

17. Mason's Arms Public House

This is where Creme Brulee played and where the businessmen Geoff, Mike & Brian often enjoy having a liquid lunch...

18. Stump-hole Caverns - Vale Of Tiers

Cave guide Mick Macnamara will show you around the caverns which are 'older than the dinosaur's'. They are Royston Vasey's second finest showcaves.




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