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Behind the scenes...

Watch Film 2005's Behind the scenes footage here! It is 7MB but if you right click on the image and select save target as... you can watch it anytime you like on your pc!

This is the full version not shown on telly which has more footage of the gents themselves but without the film clip!

Watch it here

Thanks to Tara for this list of who plays who in the film!

Mark: Himself (tux), Hilary Briss, Sir Nicholas Sheet-Lightning, Mickey Michaels
Reece: Himself (tux), Geoff, Bernice, Historical character with tasche (don't know his name, sorry), Papa Lazarou, Edward Tatsyrup
Steve: Pauline, Lemuel Blizzard, Herr Lipp, Tubbs Tatsyrup, [presumably plays himself in a tux too]

Plus Michael Sheen as Jeremy!




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