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What is Royston Vasey ...

Some say that it doesn't exist...

That it's a fictional north country community invented for The League of Gentlemen, a comedy series first heard on BBC Radio 4 as On The Town with the League of Gentlemenin 1998.

That this radio programme won a Sony award for comedy.

That it was then reincarnated and expanded as a television series shown on BBC 2 television in the UK in January 1999 and repeated in November 1999.

That this television series won the Golden Rose comedy award at the Montreux Television Festival in April 1999.

That the programme won the British Academy Television Award for Comedy in May 2000 (and was nominated for Innovation).

That a second television series was shot in Hadfield in September/October 1999 and shown on BBC 2 television in the UK in January and February 2000.

That a 'Christmas Special' shot in Hadfield in August was shown in the UK in December 2000.

That it was filmed mostly on location in Hadfield, a village near Glossop in the High Peak district of Derbyshire, England.

Some know better...

If you are planning a visit to Hadfield to see the original locations where The League of Gentlemen was filmed, here's some information you might find useful.

How to get to Hadfield by road

A suggested tour of Hadfield

Local shops for local people

Where to stay

Some little known facts about Hadfield

Ken's location tours

Ken Cross has devoted an enormous amount of time and energy to researching, photographing and cataloguing the locations used in filming The League of Gentlemen all over the country. He probably knows more than anyone else apart from the location managers.
He is willing, by arrangement, to provide conducted walking or car tours for small groups. Details here.

In memory of Steve Burton, 'Mr Royston Vasey'
Read about Steve here





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