The Real Royston Vasey ...

Little known facts about Hadfield...

Glossop people, being sophisticated, tell 'Irish' jokes about people from Hadfield. (As Irish people tell jokes about people from Cork. And Cork people tell jokes about Kerrymen.) Hadfilters tell jokes about people from Padfield. People from Padfield don't tell jokes, they just pick plums.

The leader of High Peak borough council, Councillor John Hallsworth, lives in Hadfield and represents Hadfield St Andrews ward.

John Garlick ran the Anchor inn and Jonathan Shaw ran the Spinners' Arms in Hadfield in 1835.

Hadfield is said to have more pubs to the square mile (or is it per head of population?) even than Norwich.

Not to be confused with Hayfield, a charming Derbyshire village near Glossop. Or Padfield, a village near Hadfield.

"Royston Vasey is an amalgam of all horrible little northern towns that we knew from growing up in that region. It is actually a place called Hadfield in Derbyshire." - Steve Pemberton